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Andrew Fladmark afladmark at
Fri Jul 28 20:53:48 CEST 2006

On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 12:25:06 -0400, Jim Pingle <lists at> wrote:
> phil wrote:
>> The Google spell check guy has released his non-Google spell check
> option, Nox Spell Server.  It's a server that runs Python and talks, via a
> local port, to Aspell - his comments:
>> Nox Spell Server is a little Python Aspell server that is fully
> compatible with GoogieSpell. If you are concerned over privacy or
> reliability of Google's spell service, then look no more, because you
> found your solution Aspell also supports far more languages than Google
> spell service.
>> So this is very cool, and exactly what I was looking for, however it
> does mean that people that want to use it with Roundcube need to run this
> as a server/service for Roundcube to connect to.  Can we include this in
> Roundcube, but have it in the config where it uses Google by default, and
> Nox if you call it out within the config?  This way RC will work 'out of
> the box' but also allow you to use your local spell server, once it's
> config'd.  I'm on vacation, but I'll start looking at this later in the
> week - would like to start testing this right away, if it weren't for this
> nice beach outside!
> I managed to get this up and running and working with Roundcube rather
> easily. I did have to make a couple slight changes in the code to make it
> configurable (and default to using Google).
> Apply the attached patch to program/steps/mail/ and then add
> these
> config variables in config/
> $rcmail_config['googiespell_server'] = "";
> $rcmail_config['googiespell_port'] = "14003";
> $rcmail_config['googiespell_path'] = "/?lang=";
> Start your nox server, and away it goes...
> Note: I had to edit nox's and tell it not to use Google
> there,
> too.
> Jim

Hi Jim,

Thanks for looking at this.  I'd contacted the developer as well but never got a response.  Glad to see the source is out.

I think its fine initially to run the spell server via python, but what I was hoping to do is actually port the Nox Server to PHP so that it can be fully integrated into RoundCube.  I think you are correct that the admin/user must still have the option of using Google or ASpell, since ASpell must still be installed separately even if the Nox portion is ported to PHP.

I've got time to play around with this over the next week or so, if people agree this is a good idea.  Does any one see any issues with this?  Technically, or from a licensing perspective?  Nox is GPL'd so I think we're ok?



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