Nox Spell Server

Jim Pingle lists at
Fri Jul 28 22:39:00 CEST 2006

till wrote:
> Not to start a flame war, but I am not sure if PHP is designed to run
> as a server. I know that people do it - the flickr people posted some
> interesting stuff about this (memory leaks).

I don't believe he was meaning port it as a PHP server, but rather mimic its
functionality in PHP. Even if it was run as a server and written in PHP the
same problem would be there - namely, that it requires admin access to run
an additional process rather than being a PHP page/program.

> I don't see what is wrong to "integrate" (plugin api) this with RC
> even if it's not written in PHP.

There is nothing wrong with having it, it's just not ideal. Many potential
RC users would be running it in hosted space or on servers that they do not
control. For them, a separate server process may be out of the question.


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