2 bugs ?

Frank Habermann lordlamer at lordlamer.de
Sun Jul 30 15:57:32 CEST 2006


i use the acutal(i belive its 284) svn version of roundcube and i have the 
following problems. if i write a mail not every mail is really send. the 
second problem is listing. roundcube make a background refresh of the list so 
that new mails in my account will be displayed. the problem here is that some 
mails will be displayed two or more times. if i make a hole refresh all is 

and the last thing. the number of new mails on the left side is not always 
right. sometimes it is not displayed and sometimes he shows new mails and i 
have no mails in my account.

i use firefox and on the server debian sarge with mysql 4.0.x and 

I hope that will help.

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