Nox Spell Server

David Collantes david at
Mon Jul 17 19:27:36 CEST 2006

phil wrote:
> The Google spell check guy has released his non-Google spell check
> option, Nox Spell Server.  It's a server that runs Python and talks,
> via a local port, to Aspell


> So this is very cool, and exactly what I was looking for, however it
> does mean that people that want to use it with Roundcube need to run
> this as a server/service for Roundcube to connect to.  Can we include
> this in Roundcube


This is awesome! I believe the changes to make GoogieSpell use this are on
a small part of the javascript, so, for RoundCube use it should be a breeze.

I vote for it.
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