Final round for 0.1beta2

Mario Vazquez mariovazq at
Tue Jul 18 19:53:02 CEST 2006

Since you are working on polish 0.1beta2, I included some things (easy
to do) that I think should be considered for the new beta.

1. Fixes to Spanish localization found on RC SVN Trunk 274, adding new
translated strings that where introduced in the latter trunks.

2. This one is a bug, also easy to fix.  Currently RC do not provide a
way to modify date format of emails that arrive Today.  Only provide
short and long date formats.

Both tickets include patches to roundcube.

Thanks in advance

Mario Vazquez
System Administrator
On 7/17/06, Eric Stadtherr <estadtherr at> wrote:
> Your logic is sound - this certainly isn't a bug, just a feature that is
> common to most e-mail clients.  I would categorize it as a "must have" for a
> "1.0" release, but I agree it would be better to focus on defects for beta2.
> The IMAP v4r1 spec (RFC 3501) defines a "\Flagged" message attribute
> (§2.3.2).  Many e-mail clients (Thunderbird/Mozilla-Messenger, Apple Mail)
> use this boolean "flag" to mark a message without making assumptions about
> what the flag means.  M$ Outlook takes this a little further and gives you 5
> or 6 flags that can be assigned names and colors within the client.   IMAP
> implementations are allowed to define additional keywords (which may be what
> Outlook uses for its flags), but this single "\Flagged" attribute is a part
> of the spec that I think we should support.
>  Read/Unread is a separate flag (see the "\Seen" attribute), as is Answered
> (the "\Answered" attribute).
> On Sat, 15 Jul 2006 10:59:36 -0300, Martin Marques  wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Jul 2006 07:01:28 -0700 (PDT), Eric Stadtherr  wrote:
> >
> >
> > 	There's one feature request that I was hoping would make it into
> > the next release - #1455740 [1]
> >
> > 	How does everyone else feel about this feature?
> What kind of flag? Important, read/unread, answered? I guess there code be a
> menu for each message where you could toggle any of the posible mail flags.
> Personally, I wouldn't add the feature to the beta2 release. I would leave
> it for later, as it's not a bug and it would demand doing it and debugging
> it latter.
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