folders patch

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Thu Jul 20 22:39:57 CEST 2006

Hi Charles,

I've applied your patch and it looks very nice. Good Work! You can
commit it to the trunk if you're redy. There's only one little thing I'd
like to change: We should use another style for the highlighted
mailboxes that the one for the selected state. Just add

#mailboxlist li.droptarget {
  background-color: #FFFFA6;

and set the class name to "droptarget" instead of "selected" and we're fine.

And finally another detail. I've found the following code about 6 times
within app.js:
var s_mbox = String(mbox).toLowerCase().replace(this.mbox_expression,'');
var mbox_li = document.getElementById('rcmbx'+s_mbox);

I guess that's enough to create a new method that returns the dom node
of a specific mailbox LI.

Thanks a lot for your contribution!

Charles McNulty schrieb:
> Here's a pretty simple patch for doing the drag over a folder thing.
> The other thing it does is keeps track of whether the "folder" portion
> of the screen or the "mail" portion of the screen has the "focus" and
> changes the color accordingly.
> For example if you've clicked on the Inbox folder, the folder will be
> colored red.  If you then select a message, the Inbox folder will now be
> highlighted in grey and the message you've selected will be red.  If you
> click back on to the Inbox folder, the message you've selected will turn
> grey and "Inbox" will turn back red.
> If you go back to the message list, select a message and drag it over
> the folder list, the folder's will turn red as your mouse hovers over
> them.
> I've tested this a little, but of course it could always use more
> testing.  Please let me know your thoughts on this patch.
> -Charles

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