Final round for 0.1beta2

Robert kraekan at
Tue Jul 25 07:37:23 CEST 2006

Thomas Bruederli wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I finally made it to go through the most tickets and assigned a set of
> bugs that IMO need to be fixed for the next milestone. There are now 16
> pending tickets assigned to milestone 0.1beta2:
> It looks like I will have some time again to work on the project for the
> next couple of weeks. Let's try to get rid of those 16 tix and we're
> ready to publish a new release. This will also be the first release that
> is "planned" with the Trac system and a proof of success of that platform.
> Please catch yourself some unassigned tickets and help finish this
> milestone.
> Thanks!
> Thomas
Hi all,

Some progress seems to have been made on this which is great. The query 
is showing 10 tickets down from 16?

Any idea when the new beta will be released? Not that I'm worried, just 



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