[patch] Junk mail highlight in message list (SpamAssassin specific)

Manu roundcube.ml at guzu.net
Thu Jul 27 17:54:39 CEST 2006

Jon Daley wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Jul 2006, Manu wrote:
>> Here a very small patch for roundcube-cvs-20060413 (the one I run) and
>> the revision-282.
>> If a mail is marked as spam by SpamAssassin (X-Spam-Flag in headers) the
>> message is hightlighted in light green in message list. This can be
>> easily "disabled" by commentting the related section in the CSS.
>     Nice.  Has there been any more thought into how plugins would work
> in roundcube so we can use things like this, but people who don't want
> it don't have to have it?

This method is somewhat compatible as the X-Spam-Flag identifier will
ONLY appear when an email message has reached the spam threshold limit.
So when an email message reaches and/or exceeds the spam threshold
limit, the identifier "X-Spam-Flag: YES" will appear.
But I don't test the "X-Spam-Flag: NO" form as it shouldn't exist; but
this doesn't mean this form doesn't exist in another filter :)

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