Fwd: Roundcube merger - Ideas from atmail

Hans Lellelid hans at velum.net
Thu Jul 27 21:27:37 CEST 2006

Mark Bucciarelli wrote:
>> We can offer you a reasonable fee to purchase the license of
>> Roundcube, 
> Hmmm ... "purchase the license".  How do you purchase a free
> software license?  I think what they want is the right to
> re-license the code.  
> But can you even sell this?  I would think you need an agreement
> from anybody that has contributed code ...  unless you have
> required copyright assignment from the get-go.

Yeah, my understanding is that AtMail would need to own the copyright to
the product in order to have the commercial/closed-source version in
addition to the open-source "lite" version.  Either that or AtMail would
need to have the product re-licensed under an open-source license that
lets them take w/o giving back (e.g. a BSD license would work).

This does sound like something that all the current copyright holders
would have to agree to either way.  The only other concern would be
making sure that all dependent packages are licensed in a way that is
compatible with that dual-license scheme.

Just my .02 as a casual observer (and not [yet] a contributor).


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