Nox Spell Server

Jim Pingle lists at
Fri Jul 28 21:32:07 CEST 2006

Andrew Fladmark wrote:
> Thanks for looking at this.  I'd contacted the developer as well but never got a response.  Glad to see the source is out.
> I think its fine initially to run the spell server via python, but what I was hoping to do is actually port the Nox Server to PHP so that it can be fully integrated into RoundCube.  I think you are correct that the admin/user must still have the option of using Google or ASpell, since ASpell must still be installed separately even if the Nox portion is ported to PHP.
> I've got time to play around with this over the next week or so, if people agree this is a good idea.  Does any one see any issues with this?  Technically, or from a licensing perspective?  Nox is GPL'd so I think we're ok?

I agree that having it fully integrated into Roundcube would be great, I'd
love to have a totally contained solution. The option for an external
server could be desirable in some cases, too.

For some (like me) even though it's not as easy, having to run a separate
server is acceptable. I trust Google well enough, but not so much I'd want
to forward my user's mail to them, even over ssl. :) So until an integrated
solution pops up, I am comfortable running it this way.

Fortunately, it doesn't look like porting it would be that difficult,
especially if you left out the Google spell proxy. There's a good chunk of
code that is there just to proxy spelling requests to Google instead of
using Aspell. The heart of it is just a simple xmlrpc-like service (with
hand-crafted xml, not even using an xml library -- not that there's anything
wrong with that).

You could just point the GoogieSpell URL at localhost, port 80,
"/spellcheck.php?lang=" and as long as it speaks the same protocol it should
work. Although the GoogieSpell code appears to make a direct connection to a
port -- I'm not sure if or how it would handle virtual hosts, but that may
not be tough to fix.


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