svn 284

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Mon Jul 31 21:11:52 CEST 2006

I finally fixed message sorting again (at least I hope so) by adding the 
patch of Eric Stadtherr. This just re-orders the fetched message headers 
by the order previously retrieved from the IMAP server. In that case, 
all sorting problems can be deported to the IMAP server :-)

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce any highlighting problems. Did you also 
update the default skin. Highlighting relies on a new CSS class.


Brett Patterson wrote:
> Hey Thomas and Charles, perhaps one of you could look into the sorting 
> issue with the latest SVN.  Just got it to play with the highlighting, 
> and noticed some things wrong:
> 1.) Sorting by anything doesn't work.
> 2.) Highlighting is good but there is an issue:
> -- Firefox (WIndows) won't switch between "active" and "inactive" for me
> Other than that, great work.  Can't wait for the next beta!!
> ~Brett Patterson
> Roundcube Forum Admin

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