WAP Roundcube?

jimjawn jimjawn at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 19:22:01 CEST 2006

Hey all!

I've been using linux for a few months now and I want to start getting more
involved in working on open source projects.  I figured the best way for me
to get started would be to add an itch that needed to be sratched for me
personally to something I'm already using.  In any event, I'd like to
contribute to roundcube.  I've used it successfully a bunch of times and I
just love its simplicity and its ease of setup.  That being said, the one
thing that I wish I could do with it is to check my email from my cell
phone.  Sort of in the spirit of m.gmail.com, I wanted to pass it on the
developers and see what you think.

I've included kind of a rough
markup<http://growinguplinux.com/images/m_roundy.png>of an interface
that I think I can build, less perhaps the grouping by
conversation feature.  Well at least I think I can.  I've been going through
the code and its complexity and depth are staggering IMHO.  For some reason
I thought simple interface = simple codebase.  While the code is well
commented and very, very eloquent, at this point its a bit above my
knowledge of PHP & javascript.  However, I'm not going to let that
dishearten me.  I'm down for a challenge.

So I have a few questions for some of the devs on this list.

   1. How modular is the interface?  I've been going through the code and
   it seems like some HTML is hardwired into the program (but some of the code
   I'm having a hard time understanding).  Is this the case?  Is there an easy
   way to plug in an alternative interface besides a common web browser w/ajax
   support?  Is something like this even possible with roundcube?
   2. I've been looking at the wurfl <http://wurfl.sourceforge.net/php/>and
   wall <http://wall.laacz.lv/> and thought that it would be easy to
   build a WAP/HTML interface like a roundcube_wall_page() using these
   libraries and I'd like to give it a whirl but I'm still trying to figure out
   how the code is structured beyond the introductory info in the help file.
   3. Is there any rudimentary docmentation or diagrams that help explain
   the system design from a higher level? Is there some sort of
   autodocumentation program that I can help build or get involved in until I
   understand this system better?  Something that strips tags out of the code
   and automatically builds documentation or something?  How about a developers
   4. What functions can I call that will allow me to: List all of the
   IMAP folders, get the messages from the IMAP server in some sort of
   organzied array, and basically just work with the IMAP stuff at a lower
   level.  Is there a roundcube IMAP ilohamail wrapper class?

If I'm not using the right language please correct me.  This is a great,
great open source product and I'd love to be able to contribute in some
manner or fashion.  Thanks for reading this and I'm hoping I'll be able to
contribute some way.

Fakaofa since 2003 - http://palangifiles.com
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