Cannot open messages with large attachments

Doug Robbins drobbins at
Fri Mar 3 19:30:12 CET 2006

When I try to open a message with a large attachment (or a collection of
attachments that add up to several megabytes), Roundcube spins for a while
then times out and displays only a blank white page.

By 'large' I mean in the area of 8mb or more.

It seems that it is trying to read the attachments, and either Apache is
timing out or I'm hitting a PHP limit (I haven't investigated that

Can Roundcule be configured to NOT (attempt) to read large attachments
when opening a mail? (On the same server, Squirrelmail manages to pop the
same messages open without problem.)

By way of background, I'm running the beta release of Roundcube on the
same machine as the imap server (wu-imap). Caching is disabled in the
Roundcule config.

Any help appreciated.

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