shift-select and control-select patch

Jamie Halmick jamie at
Fri Mar 3 19:59:51 CET 2006

I tried applying these changes and the command key still doesn't do anything. If I use ctrl-click I get the desired behavior but no context-menu (maybe that's just a change in the newer app.js I downloaded from cvs) except if I hold ctrl-shift-click the context menu flashes up for a second and disappears. I'll make sure I've updated the entire app from cvs later tonight and re-apply the patch and test.

: jamie

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On Fri, 03 Mar 2006 08:54:02 -0600, Charles McNulty <charles at> wrote:
> Can someone with a Mac test this patch and see if it works for IE and/or
> Mozilla, Safari, etc?  Again what is being tested it the use of the
> Command key for selecting single non-continuous messages.
> -Charles
> Charles McNulty wrote:
>> Actually, looking at the code again, it might not be that hard to
>> support IE for Mac.  Can any Mac users confirm on this page:
>> that the keyCode for Command is 91?
>> -Charles
>> Jamie Halmick wrote:
>>> The standard behavior is for
>>> command-click to perform non-contiguous multiple select.
>>> shift-click performs contiguous multiple select
>>> command-shift-click appears to perform just like shift-click
>>> At least that's how it works in the Finder, which I think should be
>>> the Mac
>>> reference for this type of behaviour.
>>> I think that substituting command for control with the current
> roundcube
>>> behaviour would be fine though as it's really just "more"
> functionality.
>>> : jamie
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>>> On Thu, 02 Mar 2006 16:21:20 -0600, Charles McNulty
>>> <charles at> wrote:
>>>> Is that the standard behavior for Macs?  When I implemented the
>>>> select/control-click behavior, I studied exactly what Outlook, Outlook
>>>> Express and Thunderbird did in Windows (XP) and attempted to emulate
>>>> that exact behavior.  I don't have a Mac, but if someone could
> describe
>>>> the exact behavior and key combinations with a Mac on a similar set of
>>>> standard applications, I'd be happy to attempt to implement it.
>>>> Key combinations to test are:
>>>> Click
>>>> Shift-Click
>>>> Command-Click
>>>> Command-Shift-Click
>>>> Situations to test are each of these in different combinations with
> each
>>>> other in different scenarios:
>>>> When nothing is selected
>>>> When a continous list of things are selected
>>>> When a non-continuous list of things are selected
>>>> So for instance, what happens when you click a list item, shift-click
> an
>>>> item 5 below it, command-click an item two up from that one and then
>>>> command-shift-click an item another 10 up from that?
>>>> If you can tell me definitively that a Command-click and
>>>> command-shift-click do the exact same thing in all situations as a
>>>> Control, then that will be an easy change.  The key is predictability.
>>>> What I'm going for here is the exact same behavior in RC as in ...
> well
>>>> whatever you Mac users use for e-mail.
>>>> -Charles
>>>> Jamie Halmick wrote:
>>>>> This new select behavior is nice for contiguous selection but doesn't
>>>> really work on Macintosh. When you control-click you get the context
>>>> menu
>>>> (right click for Mac). Can you add the behavior so that the Command
> key
>>>> will do the same on the Mac as Control?
>>>>> : jamie
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