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Chris Fordham chris at
Mon Mar 20 09:14:43 CET 2006

Is the iframe tag now deprecated?
I think the only completely valid way is to use a normal frameset, or the  
html part to open in a new window.
It needs to be in a frame or its own window because of possible headers in  
the html and particularly the DTD. It would be great for email clients to  
support the html part as a actual html document (selectable DTD) and not  
some quirks mode (also no stripping of the html part).
I think that clicking on a link to open the html part in a new window by  
itself and pass only the html part to that window would be best IMHO.

On Mon, 20 Mar 2006 18:35:40 +1100, Thomas Bruederli <roundcube at>  

> Chris Fordham wrote:
>> I'm not sure what RC does with HTML parts, but I have heard that it
>> doesn't really support them - can someone confirm?
>> I have managed to make hybrid layouts with html 4.01 to work in most
>> clients.
>> Lots of servers strip HTML a lot, especially hotmail.
> The main problem is that the HTML message has to be displayed INSIDE the
> XHTML body of the RoundCube page. RC tries to modify the HTML message
> body in order to display it correctly. It worked for most of the test
> mails I tried but it's not a 100% guaranty that all HTML show up
> correctly. Since RC uses XHTML for its interface a malformed HTML
> message (i.e. tags not closed) can indeed mess up the whole interface.
> One solution would be to render the HTML message is it's own iframe and
> not within the main page.
> I cannot confirm that RoundCube does not support HTML messages at all.
> Regards,
> Thomas
>> On Sun, 19 Mar 2006 16:51:55 +1100, Tony Zielinski <tony at>
>> wrote:
>>> Brady,
>>> I beg to differ with your opinion of the eBay HTML email that he
>>> Stefan Ott
>>> attached.  You say that it was coded using old standards, I'm sure  
>>> you're
>>> right, but for a good reason.  I tried using <div> tags for layout
>>> instead
>>> of <table> tags with horrendous display in RoundCube.  It looked good  
>>> in
>>> other clients. I submitted a post about this earlier to the dev list,
>>> but no
>>> one responded.
>>> Not related to RoundCube, but try coding all design and layout using a
>>> stylesheet with no inline HTML attributes and viewing it in gmail or
>>> other
>>> another popular webmail.  Outlook and AppleMail display the output
>>> okay for
>>> the most part, except the links don't get the same treatment that they
>>> would
>>> in IE or FireFox... For real kicks, try kMail for KDE.
>>> I always code my HTML email pages plain vanilla HTML 2.0 circa 1995
>>> fashion
>>> for the above reasons.  Using 'style' attributes inline with HTML tags
>>> seems
>>> to work okay in the clients I've tested as well as long as you don't  
>>> use
>>> 'class' or 'id' attributes it seems to work well.
>>> --
>>> Tony Zielinski
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>>> Stefan Ott wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I use Roundcube 0.1beta and I have problems with E-Mails from eBay. I
>>>> only
>>>> get a blank page, with all other html mails it works. I attached the
>>> source
>>>> of an eBay mail maybe someone can figure it out what causes this
>>>> problem.
>>>> Thanks
>>>> steve`
>>> Aside from the fact that, even for HTML email which is behind the
>>> standards times, that HTML looks like a 5 year old coded it -- the
>>> rendering of all html is based on  the browser you are using -- what
>>> browser is that?
>> --Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:

Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:

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