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Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Mon Mar 20 21:28:05 CET 2006

Jamie Halmick wrote:
> There was just a discussion where I showed that the "meta" key you can get with javascript does give you the apple/command key state. In fact I have a change in the code for my RoundCube install that uses the apple/command key instead of control and it works in Firefox and Safari. That way I can use command-click for non-contiguous multiple select.
> : jamie

Now checking for event.metaKey on Mac with have the same effect as
holding Ctrl-key on PCs. Will commit the changed to CVS later on.


> On Tue, 14 Mar 2006 17:18:27 -0700, Jacob Brunson <brunsonj at> wrote:
>> The scrolling problem should have been fixed with the patches that I
>> submitted
>> a while ago, and it should be fixed with the latest problem.
>> Macs have 4 modifier keys: shift, ctrl, alt/option, apple-key, but they
>> aren't
>> used quite as they are on linux/windows systems.  The apple-key is used on
>> a
>> mac where you would normally use a ctrl key on windows (press apple-x to
>> cut
>> instead of ctrl-x).  Because macs only have one mouse button, normally you
>> would use the ctrl key with a mouse click to get the context menu
>> (ctrl-click
>> = right mouse button).
>> This creates some problems with safari because a ctrl-click looks like
>> both a
>> ctrl-click and a right mouse button click.  This is the problem you seem
>> to
>> be having with the ctrl-click in roundcube.
>> Unfortunately, I know of no ways to detect the apple modifier key from
>> javascript in roundcube.
>> I didn't follow the latest round of changes to try and address the
>> ctrl-click
>> mac bugs, so I don't know what was submitted and if it fixes anything. 
>> I'm
>> running the latest public cvs and can say that ctrl-anything doesn't work.
>> The only other thing I can say about safari is that using the arrow keys
>> on
>> the keyboard don't work well.  They will always cause the message list
>> "frame" to scroll to the top.  This is a bug in safari
>> (
>> --Jacob
>> On Tuesday 14 March 2006 15:23, Charles McNulty wrote:
>>> Tony,
>>> Try the latest CVS and see if the selecting works any better.  I checked
>>> in some changes to try to address the ctrl-click Mac bugs, but I didn't
>>> get them in in time to be included in the .1 version.
>>> You can also look back in the list archives for the discussion that
>>> Jacob and I had around the middle of February.  We were passing patches
>>> back and forth that might be of use to you.
>>> Basically it didn't work because Mac's don't *have* a control key, as
>>> best I can tell.  I fixed it so that on at least some browsers it will
>>> use the "Command" key or whatever you guys call it.  I still haven't
>>> been able to test it, so any feedback is appreciated.
>>> This is the first I've heard of the scrollbar not working.  Is anyone
>>> else experiencing this.  Jacob (if you're still around) , is this
>>> something you experienced?
>>> -Charles
>>> Tony Zielinski wrote:
>>>> I was surprised to find that ctrl+click does not work in the inbox in
>>>> the popular Safari browser on MacOS.  Shift+click works fine, just
>>>> not ctrl+click.  Works fine in Firefox and IE.  Also, the scrollbar
>>>> does not work in the inbox list surprisingly.  I can see the bar, but
>>>> it just won't move.  I'm using the latest release of Safari on Mac
>>>> OSX Tiger and the latest stable beta of RoundCube.
>>>> If you want to really screw up the interface, try sending yourself an
>>>> HTML email using <DIVS> to layout the page.  All of the graphics end
>>>> up in the upper-left-most corner of the browser window behind the
>>>> roundcube logo.  This seems to be true across IE and Firefox.

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