Integrating Googiespell in Roundcube

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Tue May 2 16:00:37 CEST 2006

Chris Richardson wrote:
> I am pretty sure you can also use aspell with the other alternitive I
> have brought up in the past called ajax spell ... it can use pspell and
> aspell i believe

What I like in ajax spell:
- "Add to dictionary" function
- Does not send my text to Google

What I don't like in ajax spell:
- New server request to show corrections
- Missing option to type the correct word

Over all GoogieSpell provides a better user interaction and I like that
all suggestions are fetched with one request (gzipping the XML response
should bring the data to an acceptable size).

If you have aspell or pspell installed RC should definitely use these
but for 5$ hosting packages that do not allow any installations,
GoogieSpell is a good alternative.

As mentioned before, I definitely would like to have an aspell wrapper
that acts like the Google spell checker. In that case the server script
can decide which engine to use.


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