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Craig Webster wrote:
> On 4 May 2006, at 01:04, Brett Patters - Roundcube Forum Admin wrote:
>> Jon Daley wrote:
>>> On Wed, 3 May 2006, Brett Patters - Roundcube Forum Admin wrote:
>>>>> It doesn't have a way to move all mail in the inbox to the trash 
>>>>> (you have to do it one page at a time).
>>>> From the mail list, click once (single click, don't double click) 
>>>> the first message, hold shift, select the last message 
>>>> (alternatively you could click "Select all" at the bottom of the 
>>>> mail listing).  Drag that to the Trash folder, hit delete, or press 
>>>> the delete button (take your pick ;) ).
>>>     He asked how to delete from multiple pages all at once.
>> Increase the page limit in the config ;)
> You're still just deleting from one page, albeit one really really big 
> page.
> I think the answer is that there's no way to do this currently. With 
> Apple Mail I hit Command-A and then the delete key and the entire 
> folder is emptied; I've never seen it handled in a webmail client, but 
> I can see that it may be a handy if not too frequently used feature.
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> Craig
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I too don't know of any webmail system that does this (including 
gMail).  It's not exactly the brightest idea other.  While you may be 
wanting to delete multiple pages from your junk folder, but what about 
that 1 message that's in there that you don't want to delete?  By 
requiring users to at least see each message, it's better and safer.  
Then you can't blame missing messages on RC :)

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