Round cube modifications

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Thu May 4 09:38:20 CEST 2006

Charles McNulty wrote:
> Mark Edwards wrote:
>> Is there the possibility of adding contextual menu functions to
>> Roundcube (i.e. right-click or control-click dropping down a menu of
>> lesser-used functions)?  That's where such things are located in the
>> Apple Mail and Thunderbird, and I think that works pretty well to keep
>> them safely out of the way.
> Yes!  If no one starts this before I do, this is very much on the list
> of things I'd like to add to RC.  As far as being able to clear out an
> entire folder?  Rarely needed and potentially dangerous.  Very very low
> on the list of things to do.

Right, context menus would solve all our GUI problems. Implementing new
functions is mostly not very complicated but adding them to the GUI is
the big challenge. Since space is limited, we cannot add a button for
every function. I have something in mind how context menus could be

Within the template, menus can be defined with
<roundcube:menu command="xxx" group="yyy" label="zzz" />
which would then add the HTML code to the body and register the menu to
the client script: rcmail.register_menu('xxx', 'id-of-element')

This allows the client script to enable/disable menu items like this is
done with buttons.

I'm not sure about the "group" attribute. Either these are fixed values
known by the script which will then add the mouse handlers to open the
according menu when the user right-clicks on a specific area or the
contextmenu can be registered to the component using
<roundcube:object ... contextmenu="yyy" />

To define cascaded menus, a menu item could hold the command "openmenu"
which will then show the menu specified with the "prop" attribute.

Let me give you an example of my idea:
<!-- define menus -->
<roundcube:menu command="expunge" label="compact" group="mboxmenu"/>
<roundcube:menu command="purge" label="empty" group="mboxmenu"/>
<roundcube:menu command="openmenu" prop="markmenu" label="markall"
  <roundcube:menu command="markread" label="read" group="markmenu"/>
  <roundcube:menu command="markunread" label="unread" group="markmenu"/>
<roundcube:menu command="renamefolder" label="rename" group="mboxmenu"/>

<!-- attach menu to a mailboxlist component -->
<roundcube:object name="mailboxlist" contextmenu="mboxmenu"/>

With this architecture RC keeps the flexibility to define all GUI menus
within the skin templates in the same way other components are defined
and styled here.

Please let me know what you think about this concept...


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