Unimplemented features?

Auke Kok sofar at foo-projects.org
Fri May 5 06:53:16 CEST 2006

brett+roundcubeforum.net wrote:
> I'm not advocating a move to a different server/system, just giving thoughts.
> While a move would possibly benefit us, what are some possible work arounds?
> Would we be able to create a read only CVS account that we could use instead?
> Is that possible?  

yes, but SF doesn't allow that by policy afaik.

alternatively, one could upload cvs snapshots on a regular basis to the file area.

>> Apart from people cheering in the audience, nothing was heard from someone
>> who actually has an up2date working copy. I guess they don't want any
>> people testing new roundcube features anymore.
> That's a fairly harsh statement.

I did that on purpose - I know they want testers but there is an issue that 
*they* need to fix (either SF or roundcube committers). Unless an action is 
taken, nobody is able to test new code, and this hurts *RC* more than me (or 
any tester).

the point I'm trying to make is that while I get the idea that the problem is 
acknowledged, nobody is trying to solve it. The only thing *I* can do is 
remind people and provide alternative solutions (which I can).

> They do want testers, but it's out of their hands with SF running the CVS.
 > Yes, we could change, but I'm sure Thomas doesn't have the time to devote
 > to changing everything over from CVS to SVN or from one server to the next.
 > I don't know how much time goes into it, but it can't be easy.

I have personally done this for 2 major projects (the entire Xfce project - 
over 20000 commits in 25 different trees, and I still maintain all project 
access and administrate it). While it takes some time, I could probably 
convert roundcube's CVS tree into a workable SVN repository in 20 minutes. I'm 
willing to do that (and maintain). But I need (developer) CVS access for this, 
or even better, a full CVS repository backup tarball (which SF is supposed to 
export for you on request through some system, so developers: go export me a 
repo backup tarball and post it online and I'll convert it as a test for you all).



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