E-mail subject -> hyperlinks

Richard Green richard at burninghorizons.net
Fri May 5 11:48:19 CEST 2006

Hi all,

Something I have noticed and I'm not sure whether this has been attempted before and hence there's a good reason for it not being implemented, but can we make the subjects of e-mails become hyperlinks so that you can just click on them to view the mail? I have tried using RCW on my mobile phone and I can't actually read e-mails without a hyperlink to click. For DDA purposes, it's also a must from my point of view as I couldn't figure out a way of opening a mail with keyboard only (apologies for not RTFM!!); it's just more natural and easy if they're hyperlinks.

In addition to this, e-mails with blank subjects would need to display <No Subject> or else there would be nothing to click on! (Something I would actually like to be done anyway; blank subjects stick out like a sore thumb and, due to the off-handedness with which those e-mails are usually written, don't deserve quite that much attention!)

Richard Green

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