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Adam Grelck adam.grelck at
Tue May 9 00:16:55 CEST 2006

The code that is in my repository is from a CVS checkout done a couple
nights ago from SourceForge (it worked for me then)- is that different from
the tarball?

I'm looking into importing the tracker data from SF right now.

How much bandwidth would you anticipate all of this using? I have roughly
900 GB unused each month, with an additional 500 GB/month that I can add to
that for $20 (one time fee).  Why don't they have Rollover data transfer??


On 5/8/06, Thomas Bruederli <roundcube at> wrote:
> Adam Grelck wrote:
> > I have put up what I have so far on my server:
> > .  The SVN server is at
> >
> > <> .  I'm still playing with the
> > user administration, etc.
> >
> > Thomas: let me know if you would like me to continue.
> Well, if you already got that far, I would appreciate it. As you posted
> before, you have enough capacity and BW on your server, right? I hope
> that you will be able to complete this installation :-)
> Try to import the CVS tarball which contains all the revisions. I've put
> the current version to
> An interesting point might be the import of the current tracker data
> from SourceForge. I guess there's a script to do that and I found this
> wiki page about it:
> Regarding the post of Randy Noval
> ( we
> could talk about mirrored SVN repositories (such as the one from Jon
> Daley) later, once the "official" one is running. I now see the
> advantages of those and please forgive me for my ignorance, I was just
> anxious to lose control when having several repositories around.
> Thanks so far!
> Thomas
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Adam
> >
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