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Brett Patters - Roundcube Forum Admin brett at roundcubeforum.net
Fri May 12 14:52:34 CEST 2006

Juha Kumpulainen wrote:
> Hello
> We are building scalable email service with web-access to IMAP-backend.
> Initial system is for 50k users and expandable with 50k blocks.
> Roundcube looks most promising candidate as web-client,
> but we anticipate that RC roadmap wont match exactly with ours,
> so we are looking for experienced roundcube developers to make
> some modifications in coming months.
> Terms would be roughly:
> - new features/files remains under GPL and returned to community,
>  to be merged in official source if applicable
> - compensation agreed case-by-case, either lump sum per feature or
>  hour compensation
> One feature we are looking for is search, no specs yet, however.
> If you are interested this kind of development please reply
> to juha.kumpulainen at gmail.com
> Thanks for great product!
> Juha
1.) Why would you want to "buy" a developer?  Hire a free-lancer if you 
want implemented features.  Also, the development of Roundcube is slow 
as it is, and you'd detract from the speed of development by having a 
developer work for you.

2.) If you're implementing this on such a huge level, don't you think 
you should wait for a non-beta software to be used?  I mean, do you 
really expect 50k users to use it every day and not have issues?  And 
why pre-beta software?  That's one of the craziest thing I've ever 
heard.  You're setting yourself up to fail.

3.) The search function is already implemented in the CVS versions.  So 
that's one feature down.....

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