Changing Folder Results in Clearing Messages

Jon Daley roundcube at
Sat May 13 23:51:19 CEST 2006

On Sat, 13 May 2006, Bezaleel Support wrote:
>> All seems to work fine, however, when I first login I see all my messages 
>> listed under my Inbox. If I click on another folder, none of the contents 
>> of the folder are shown. Even if I click back onto the Inbox, the Inbox 
>> contents are no longer shown. I can then click the New Message icon, and in 
>> the compose screen I can click on the green arrow to return to my email 
>> folders and the contents are shown again. However, as soon as I click on 
>> another folder, the contents are hidden once again.
> Link:

Here is the correct patch for the folders not displaying correctly.
The problem is the content-type parser wasn't expecting a "; 
charset=UTF-8" and so wasn't ever executing the remote javascript.

I am not registered on the forums, but perhaps this should be posted there 

Index: js/app.js
--- js/app.js   (revision 1631)
+++ js/app.js   (working copy)
@@ -3012,8 +3012,11 @@
    this.http_response = function(request_obj)
      var ctype = request_obj.get_header('Content-Type');
-    if (ctype)
+    if (ctype){
        ctype = String(ctype).toLowerCase();
+      var ctype_array=ctype.split(";");
+      ctype = ctype_array[0];
+    }

      if (request_obj.__lock)

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