new behaviors after CVS upgrade

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Mon May 15 20:31:45 CEST 2006

Martin Marques wrote:
> On Mon, 15 May 2006 09:22:41 -0500, Charles McNulty <charles at> wrote:
>> Martin Marques wrote:
>>> I'm seeing new behaviors in RC after the last upgrade I did.
>>> - When marking a message and later deleting it, the next message gets
>>> automatically marked, which isn't a good idea, as I could accidently
>>> click twice on the delete botom and get both messages erased.
>> This is the same behavior as Thunderbird which was the only client I had
>> on hand to test with.  I think that selecting the next message on delete
>> is pretty standard behavior though (but please correct me if I'm wrong).
>>   I would suggest being more careful to not click twice, and if you do,
>> simply undelete the message by moving it out of the Trash folder or if
>> it's flagged as deleted by clicking on the little Trash icon to unflag it.
> But we're talking about a web based email client. Ofcourse kmail and evolution do that, but I guess it's because it shows the contents of that marked mail. 
> This is not the behavior the gmail or IMP have, and I find more appropriate not leaving any marked.
But I believe Charles' argument is that this is a Web Desktop 
application, not just another webmail project.  So it's meant to emulate 
a desktop app on the web.  I haven't noticed it, so I can't comment, but 
I can say that moving the selection to the next item is what I like in 
Thunderbird.  Perhaps this can be user definable: Move to next item on 
delete: Yes/No.

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