new behaviors after CVS upgrade

Martin Marques martin at
Thu May 18 21:17:59 CEST 2006

On Thu, 18 May 2006 14:07:47 -0500, phil <phil at> wrote:
> If I'm following along, I think the complaint is that now when you
> highlight a message and hit the 'Delete' button, the message moves to the
> trash, and the highlight goes to the next message, correct?  I noticed
> this happening recently, and I really like it.  If I have a bunch of
> things to delete that I've read, it's easy, 'pop, pop, pop'.  As this

You can always select them all using the shift botton to make multiple selections :-)

> mirroring the behavior in Thunderbird, it's also the behavior in Outlook. 
> Trying to define Roundcube as a Web client or a fat client is not really
> fair anymore; this client *can do* much more than other Web clients.  So,
> why not take advantage of it?

As I said, I talked with "normal" users (not geeks) and nobody liked it. My worries are that I will have a hard time making the network users happy with RC. If it were configurable, than it could be changed easily, and I would get fewer complaints.

> Now I"m sure it can be made an option that the user can toggle, hey, I
> don't like the 'Return receipt' option showing up, and will likely work on
> an patch to make that an option, but for now I think the functionality is
> something that a desktop user will be at home with.  If it seems strange
> and new to a Web mail user, well, then good, it's supposed to surprise
> them!
> I can see that 'Personal settings' tab growing a bit...

Maybe it's time to rethink it prefs. Group them in catagories maybe.

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