new behaviors after CVS upgrade

Charles McNulty charles at
Thu May 18 21:23:05 CEST 2006

Martin Marques wrote:

> would think the behavior is OK. One user said that "the selection is
> an action that the user should do, not the aplication".

That's a fine paradigm for selecting text, it's very unhelpful when 
trying to select "objects" such as e-mail messages.  This is probably 
why every application in existence works this way.

> Also, the selection marker is moving backwards! :-( So I don't get
> the next message, but the previous one

When you delete a message it should go to the message below it.  Whether 
this is the "next" or "previous" message depends on your sort order.  If 
you are not getting this, it's a bug and I'd love to get further details.

> - There has to be an option to how to treat selection after an action
> has been executed over the message. The option should, not only be
> configurable in which direction to move (forward or backward), but
> also in if it should select or not another message. You can leave the
> default behavior to be "move to the next message", and let user
> decide what is best for him/her.

You still haven't given any possible reason for this except as a 
preventative measure for people clicking the delete button twice.  I'm 
not going to implement this unless I'm convinced that it could ever 
actually add to the user's experience.  For an example of making an 
argument to convince me to implement a configuration option see the 
discussion about the "unread" status of deleted messages where I was 
successfully convinced to make an option that preserves the unread 
status of deleted messages.  In other words I'm not being dogmatic, and 
I can be convinced but you're not even trying.

> P.D.: Is RC moving to become "Thunderbird inside Firefox"? :-)

In short, Yes!  That's the whole point!

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