more undelete

Charles McNulty charles at
Wed May 24 20:52:48 CEST 2006

Just checked in a change to undelete functionality:

short description: RC now acts like Thunderbird

long description:
If you have one message selected pressing delete(key or icon) toggles 
the deleted status of that message and goes to the next message.

If you have multiple messages selected it will undelete them if and only 
if they are all marked as deleted.  If any one of them is not deleted it 
will mark those messages as deleted and ignore all of the already 
deleted messages.

This is different than Outlook/OE which never undeletes with the delete 
key.  The thing is that with those clients you have a right-click menu 
that allows you to undelete.  When RC gets a right-click menu, I would 
think that it might be preferable to put undelete there rather than 
following Thunderbird behavior.  Or of course it could be an option.

This patch also fixes some weirdness with being unable to toggle 
seen/unseen after marking a message as deleted.

It also cuts down on the huge number of Javascript warnings that this was reporting.  I recommend 
that extension to anyone trying to debug javascript by the way.


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