Some Bugs and features

Erik erik at
Thu May 25 09:36:35 CEST 2006

Folder name in title bar:
When selecting a folder using the mouse the title of the browser is not adjusted to show the correct folder name. Only when pressing enter the title gets update to show the folder name.

Deleting messages from trash:
When deleting messages from the trash folder using the 'Empty' button at the bottom a popup is shown asking me if I'm really sure. However, when selecting a message (or multiple) and then use normal delete function (button or delete key) the message is delete without any warning. IMO the popup should be shown then as well.

Bug #1327143 (
This bug is about the message list not being updated properly on receipt of a new mail. Is this a general bug or are there just a few out there which see this problem?

In the forum I've seen a patch to show the number of messages in a folder alongside each folder name. Is this going to be included in the main RoundCube version? I think this would be a nice feature and would like to see it implemented.
(Forum is currently down, so I can't give an exact topic or link at the moment).


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