bug with moving RC originating messages

Charles McNulty charles at charlesmcnulty.com
Fri May 26 18:16:07 CEST 2006

Can anyone else reproduce this:

1) Compose a message using RC to yourself.
2) Refresh the mailbox to see the new message
3) Attempt to drag that message into another folder

I am consistently failing at being able to move the message.  The "drag" 
action begins because the message becomes "attached" to the mouse, but 
upon releasing the mouse button over the desired folder the message does 
not disappear, not does is copy.  Messages from thunderbird do not cause 
this problem.  Only when the source is Roundcube.

To further confirm that it's a problem with Roundcube messages, I went 
into the IMAP folder and copied the headers from a non-RC message into 
the RC message that was not working.  After this the message succesfully 

No Javascript warnings or errors are generated and all other actions on 
that message are successful (deleting it, opening it, 
flagging/unflagging as new)

Any ideas?

here are the headers for the message that is failing:

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