Round cube modifications

Craig Webster craig at
Thu May 4 11:43:08 CEST 2006

On 4 May 2006, at 08:38, Thomas Bruederli wrote:
> To define cascaded menus, a menu item could hold the command  
> "openmenu"
> which will then show the menu specified with the "prop" attribute.

Rather than having the prop attribute and a special command, would it  
not be possible to use structured markup for this? If an element has  
children then it's assumed to open the next level on mouse over. Make  
command an optional attribute.

<roundcube:menu command="expunge" label="Compact Mailbox" />
<roundcube:menu label="delete" label="Empty Folder">
   <roundcube:menu command="delete" label="Yes, I'm sure" />

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