Unimplemented features?

Randy Noval randy at sermo.net
Fri May 5 17:35:14 CEST 2006

Jon Daley wrote:
>     I don't know how that would work - a wiki for C code sounds like a 
> bad idea to me.  I don't think you can really have multiple source 
> control systems -- maybe some sort of mirroring would work - but there 
> has to be a main one that the developers use, and the other copy it.  As 
> for people getting mad and going away - it doesn't seem like you could 
> get any worse than a month of downtime, when switching to some other 
> provider.

oops, my bad. not a wiki in implementation, a wiki in theory. basically, 
you have the "official" copy maintained by the core developers and then 
anyone who wants can work on one of the several SVN copies hosted by 
volunteers. i'm thinking mostly that it makes more sense to have 
multiple repositories available, though it creates a bit more overhead 
in terms of coordination. i don't know how difficult it would be to have 
the developers check the same code into / out of multiple servers, but i 
think that's a good way to go. maybe even just one primary "public" 
server so developers can more easily control what comes into / out of 
the "official" version. from there, the community takes over and can do 
with it what they will. the developers don't lose any control / access 
and the community gets to work on more current stuff. win-win.

just a thought

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