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Adam Grelck adam.grelck at
Sun May 7 08:08:38 CEST 2006

I thought I had sent this out on the list, but I replied in a rush and
goofed up.  Anyway, here is what I sent:

I would be willing to help out with this, too.  I am currently installing a
Trac/Subversion server on my dedicated Debian server to see how it is all
done (I have run a Subversion server before, but not Trac).  It has about
900 GB of transfer left over every month, which should be enough for this
project.  I also have an extra IP address I could use for it.  The server
has been rock solid for 240+ days so far.

Let me know if I can be of service.


On 5/6/06, B. Johannessen <bob at> wrote:
> Dreas van Donselaar wrote:
> > We are using SVN and Trac for our own software development. I can setup
> a
> > VDS for you (Debian) where the main developer(s) get(s) root access. We
> pay
> > the bill for the VDS, and you guys have full control. Probably a
> volunteer
> > on this list can handle the installation and configuration of SVN and
> Trac.
> > I can do it, but wouldn't recommend that ;)
> I'd be willing to help out with the day-to-day running of such an
> environment, but I don't have the time take on a project lead type of
> role.
> If someone competent steps forward to take charge, I'll try to help
> whenever I can.
>         Bob
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