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Josh King josh at
Sun May 7 09:52:07 CEST 2006

Thomas Bruederli wrote:
> Hi everybody
> I followed the conversation about the SF CVS problem and noticed all the
> suggestions for switching to SVN, to another server or even to move away
> from SourceForge. Just to make clear, I'm aware of the current CVS
> problems and I'm interested in better solution as well as you all are.
> The reason why I chose SF was the availability of tools without having
> to configure them by myself. This is something I still don't want to do
> and what I don't have time for.
> In October 2005 we discussed about setting up a Trac system which would
> combine a wiki for documentation, a bug tracker and a SVN server
> together in one box. We all agreed that this would be a very nice tool
> for further development.
> Then somebody offered to install Trac on his server (I don't have a
> server with Python available) and started setting up the service. Due
> lack of time, this was not finished and somebody else offered to take
> care of that and set up a new Trac installation. This was in December
> 2005. The result of that can be seen at He
> imported a snapshot from the CVS and all SF tracker data and I added
> some styling to the new platform. We discussed some details about user
> management and some configuration changes and the Trac installation got
> finished for about 90%. February 26 was the last time I heard from
> Steeve and asked him for a target date when we can move data from SF to
> our new platform. Unfortunately an answer is still missing...
> As you can see, serious attempts were made to move away from SF but the
> main problem of open source projects is the quick loss of interest and
> the missing reliability of some project members. I can understand that
> since I have very little time for the project myself.
> After almost half a year, I call again for somebody who is willing to
> install and to maintain a Trac system, which is still a very good
> solution for our project, I guess. I can provide DNS entries, styles for
> the Trac site and some adapted Python scripts for importing data from SF.
> In the mean time, I published another CVs snapshot and we could move to
> the SF SVN server until we (hopefully) have our Trac platform ready.
> Comments are welcome...
> Thomas

While I don't have experience administering Trac, and no SVN beyond my 
own, I do have  plenty of server space and BW. If mirroring, or any 
other need arises I would be happy to lend a hand. Anything that would 
benefit RC is more than welcome.


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