session in mysqldatabase (was: SESSION [URGENT])

Sjon at
Wed May 10 20:43:57 CEST 2006

What is your problem with the session data in the database? I see no 
problem with that; so I see no solution either? Anyway; perform a 
rollback and start testing before migrating a production environment.

Some more details on the problem might help. Also, caps pretty much suck ;)

Sid wrote:
> Hello !
> I have a big problem. I am the webmaster of my university website, i worked with IMP before and today i have made a new version of this website integrating Roundcube Web-mail !
> But the problem is that this web-mail use mySql to save SESSION data ! it just make my server down ! I want to know if someone know how to change it !
> Thank you very much !
> PS: excuse my English i am french so, in french :
> Bonjour
> J'ai un gros probleme, je vient de sortir un gros site pour mon université aujourd'hui et il utilise Round Cube, cependant vu qu'il utilise mySql pour enregistrer les variables de session, le serveur est HS !
> Je voudrais savoir si quelqu'un sait comment changer ça ???
> Merci beaucoup d'avance !
> Sid

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