Gavin Conway gavin at
Thu May 11 16:31:29 CEST 2006

If people are really looking for somewhere to host some of their 
services I may be able to help. I've emailed Thomas asking if he wants 
to colocate a server with us and if others are interested then let me 
know. We have recently deployed roundcube ourselves so to give something 
back to the community we are offering bandwidth/hosting to for Roundcube 
to Thomas. If others would like to host with us also then please let me 
know. We have no shortage of space or bandwidth so it wouldn't be a problem.

(details on website below for those interested)


UKS Ltd, Birmingham Road, Studley, Warwickshire, B80 7BG
Tel: 08700 681 333  -  Fax: 01527 851 301  -  AS: 20547
gavin at  -

phil wrote:

>Just so we don't feel it's just us, here the Fink developers rant about their lack of production due to the extended SF outage...
>Sounds like they too are looking for another solution.

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