Looking for roundcube developers

Andrè Bauer monotek at freakmail.de
Fri May 12 14:53:08 CEST 2006


Search is allready included in CVS....

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Andrè Bauer


JK> Hello

JK> We are building scalable email service with web-access to IMAP-backend.
JK> Initial system is for 50k users and expandable with 50k blocks.

JK> Roundcube looks most promising candidate as web-client,
JK> but we anticipate that RC roadmap wont match exactly with ours,
JK> so we are looking for experienced roundcube developers to make
JK> some modifications in coming months.

JK> Terms would be roughly:

JK> - new features/files remains under GPL and returned to community,
JK>   to be merged in official source if applicable

JK> - compensation agreed case-by-case, either lump sum per feature or
JK>   hour compensation

JK> One feature we are looking for is search, no specs yet, however.

JK> If you are interested this kind of development please reply
JK> to juha.kumpulainen at gmail.com

JK> Thanks for great product!

JK> Juha

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