Looking for roundcube developers

Josh King josh at dotmil.org
Fri May 12 15:42:42 CEST 2006

On Fri, 12 May 2006 08:52:34 -0400, Brett Patters - Roundcube Forum Admin <brett at roundcubeforum.net> wrote:
> 1.) Why would you want to "buy" a developer?  Hire a free-lancer if you
> want implemented features.  Also, the development of Roundcube is slow
> as it is, and you'd detract from the speed of development by having a
> developer work for you.

The way I read the message, he *is* looking for a freelancer, anyone experienced with RC development - not necessarily one of the core developers. It's reasonable to expect that the dev list would be one of the best sources of locating such people.

This wouldn't mean slowing down anything, and in fact may speed up some areas. It was noted that the GPL will be honored and all changes made public. I don't see this as any different from a company paying one of their in house developers to do the same thing - except that the changes will be publicly available instead of kept in house.

> 2.) If you're implementing this on such a huge level, don't you think
> you should wait for a non-beta software to be used?  I mean, do you
> really expect 50k users to use it every day and not have issues?  And
> why pre-beta software?  That's one of the craziest thing I've ever
> heard.  You're setting yourself up to fail.

Fail or not, that's their choice I suppose. I would assume (yes I know what happens when one assumes) that they have done some kind of testing to verify RC will work for them. If not, and things break, then maybe they can incorporate some fixes to improve reliability and scalability.

> 3.) The search function is already implemented in the CVS versions.  So
> that's one feature down.....

Just my own opinion, but I think that the fact this person is willing to pull from within the RC community and maybe help someone pick up a bit of extra cash is a *good* thing. This same situation is not uncommon in other projects, and more often than not has been a plus. If they are coming into this fully aware of the current state of RC, then what's the harm?

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