Changing Folder Results in Clearing Messages

Aurélien Pocheville aurelien.pocheville at
Sat May 13 18:06:12 CEST 2006

Bezaleel Support a écrit :
> I just found a post by "Brian" on the RoundCube Forums in reference to 
> this issue. His fix to the problem for the moment is as follows:
> *Quote*
> I'm not really all that experienced in AJAX and some of the newer 
> coding techniques, perhaps someone (developer) could explain what this 
> line does, and why reverting it completely fixes the problem mentioned 
> in this thread...
> cvs 20060505 (bad code): \program\include\; line 723
> [code]    header('Content-Type: application/x-javascript; 
> charset='.$CHARSET);  [/code]
> Using the cvs, I found the specific change made on 20060505 that 
> caused this problem.
> good code (reverted to previous CVS):
> [code]    header('Content-Type: application/x-javascript');  [/code]
> *End Quote*
> Link:
Hello, just to say that I had the exact same problem with latest cvs and 
that proposed patch worked. Interestingly, I have almost the same 
problem with only one folder labeled '2005' that does not show up when I 
click it if I am in a 'view folder' pane. I if I am writing an email, 
reading a message ... I can click it and it shows up properly. This 
problem is quite old and is not solved by the patch proposed here. If I 
look into the page source code, the email list is here, it is just not 
showing up.

Anyway, thanks Kevin for the tip.

Aurélien Pocheville

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