new behaviors after CVS upgrade

Charles McNulty charles at
Mon May 15 21:02:58 CEST 2006

Brett Patterson - Roundcube Forum Admin wrote:
> But I believe Charles' argument is that this is a Web Desktop 
> application, not just another webmail project.  So it's meant to emulate 
> a desktop app on the web.  I haven't noticed it, so I can't comment, but 
> I can say that moving the selection to the next item is what I like in 
> Thunderbird.  Perhaps this can be user definable: Move to next item on 
> delete: Yes/No.

Thank you Brett, this is exactly what I was going to say.  I don't 
really agree with an option for what to do when you delete from the 
"list" view though.  The alternative would be to just have the focus 
disappear which would just appear to be a bug.  I just can't think of 
any rational reason why someone might want the focus to disappear upon 
deleting a message (and I don't consider the possibility of accidental 
clicks to be very convincing).  I do think an option might be useful for 
whether to go to the next or previous message though.  This is a pretty 
common option I think.


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