new behaviors after CVS upgrade

Phil Cryer phil at
Thu May 18 21:25:51 CEST 2006

On Thu, 18 May 2006 16:17:59 -0300, Martin Marques <martin at> wrote:
> On Thu, 18 May 2006 14:07:47 -0500, phil <phil at> wrote:
>> If I'm following along, I think the complaint is that now when you
>> highlight a message and hit the 'Delete' button, the message moves to
> the
>> trash, and the highlight goes to the next message, correct?  I noticed
>> this happening recently, and I really like it.  If I have a bunch of
>> things to delete that I've read, it's easy, 'pop, pop, pop'.  As this
> You can always select them all using the shift botton to make multiple
> selections :-)
>> mirroring the behavior in Thunderbird, it's also the behavior in
> Outlook. 
>> Trying to define Roundcube as a Web client or a fat client is not really
>> fair anymore; this client *can do* much more than other Web clients. 
> So,
>> why not take advantage of it?
> As I said, I talked with "normal" users (not geeks) and nobody liked it.
> My worries are that I will have a hard time making the network users happy
> with RC. If it were configurable, than it could be changed easily, and I
> would get fewer complaints.

That's cool, but why didn't they like it?  Again, this is how it works in Thunderbird and Outlook; do they not like the feature in those clients either?  I'm just curious as to what they expected, or want after they hit 'delete'.  Come back and not highlight anything like we had it?



>> Now I"m sure it can be made an option that the user can toggle, hey, I
>> don't like the 'Return receipt' option showing up, and will likely work
> on
>> an patch to make that an option, but for now I think the functionality
> is
>> something that a desktop user will be at home with.  If it seems strange
>> and new to a Web mail user, well, then good, it's supposed to surprise
>> them!
>> I can see that 'Personal settings' tab growing a bit...
> Maybe it's time to rethink it prefs. Group them in catagories maybe.
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