new behaviors after CVS upgrade

Charles McNulty charles at
Thu May 18 21:30:45 CEST 2006

Martin Marques wrote:

> You can always select them all using the shift botton to make
> multiple selections :-)

So your argument for why we should offer the option to lose one's place
in the message list is that the feature that it breaks has a
work-around?  I'm not exactly becoming more convinced.

>> mirroring the behavior in Thunderbird, it's also the behavior in
>> Outlook. Trying to define Roundcube as a Web client or a fat client
>> is not really fair anymore; this client *can do* much more than
>> other Web clients.  So, why not take advantage of it?
> As I said, I talked with "normal" users (not geeks) and nobody liked
> it. My worries are that I will have a hard time making the network
> users happy with RC. If it were configurable, than it could be
> changed easily, and I would get fewer complaints.

I don't understand *why* they don't like it.  The only reason you've 
offered is that they might accidentally click twice.  Perhaps you could 
convince your users to think of RC more like Thunderbird and less like 
Gmail.  It's a paradigm shift, and your users' complaints are common at 
first, but I believe that in the long-run people appreciate the power 
and flexibility that comes with maintaining ones place in lists (as well 
as other "application-like" features in RC).


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