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Thu May 18 23:26:19 CEST 2006

Martin Marques wrote:
> On Thu, 18 May 2006 14:23:05 -0500, Charles McNulty <charles at> wrote:
>> Martin Marques wrote:
>>> - There has to be an option to how to treat selection after an action
>>> has been executed over the message. The option should, not only be
>>> configurable in which direction to move (forward or backward), but
>>> also in if it should select or not another message. You can leave the
>>> default behavior to be "move to the next message", and let user
>>> decide what is best for him/her.
>> You still haven't given any possible reason for this except as a
>> preventative measure for people clicking the delete button twice.  I'm
>> not going to implement this unless I'm convinced that it could ever
>> actually add to the user's experience.  
> Why should it add the the users experience. It should add to confortness of the user.
> I personally don't see other web clients (don't come with the web desktop please) doing this (gmail, yahoo!, hotmail, IMP, squirrelmail, etc.). 
You can't say that.  Roundcube is a Web 2.0 application, NOT a 
page-by-page webmail script.  If YOU keep thinking of it like that, then 
Roundcube is NOT for you, and YOU need to find a different webmail client. 

> Yes I know Thunderbird, Outlook, kmail, and pine do it, but in the first tree cases it's because the actually do something with the mail, besides selecting it (they show the contents of it on another frame), while the fourth (pine) has to do it because it's the only way of showing from where you are moving (pine doesn't use mouse as it works on a terminal so you move the selection with keyboard arrows). At the end, why are you selecting another message? Just to be able to delete one after the other faster? I just don't get why this is so necesary.
Thunderbird does the following: In message view list (without the 
"preview pane") the selected item is deleted, and the next message (down 
in the list, regardless of listing, it's down.... not up) and the 
previous item is either marked as deleted (IMAP) or moved to the trash 
folder (POP3).
> But if everybody is happy with it, what can I do.
> Anyway, you aren't fully complying to the selection that the fat-clients do, as when you go back to the mail folder, or after login, no mail is selected.
Okay, this can be added.  When going back from message view, the message 
you viewed (if still available) or the next message is selected.  That's 
an okay claim.
>> status of deleted messages.  In other words I'm not being dogmatic, and
>> I can be convinced but you're not even trying.
> I just want it in the TODO. When I get some free time out, I'll try to get you a patch for it.
I think it is *YOU* that is not thinking properly here.  This is not to 
be thought of as a web-page, but a web application.  With that, you 
can't ever compare it to SquirrelMail and the like.  GMail is just the 
tip of the iceburg when it comes to Web 2.0 and they've conformed.  
Roundcube is **not** like gMail, nor will it ever be.

Roundcube is to be an application within the Web browser framework.  No 
it's not just supposed to be Thunderbird, but just generally it's an 
application within the bounds of a web-browser.  No different than a 
word-processor is within an operating system.  This is what Web 2.0 is 
about.  Getting people away from thinking of the web as the usual 
page-by-page design, and creating more interactive, and useful 
**applications**, not pages.

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