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richs at whidbey.net richs at whidbey.net
Wed May 31 17:09:18 CEST 2006

On May 31, 2006, at 3:58 AM, Thomas Bruederli wrote:

> richs at whidbey.net wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Darkening buttons (when clicked) looked like a planned feature, since
>> the "imageSel" attribute was already allocated?  But the graphics
>> themselves seem missing, as well as a few final code pieces and  
>> template
>> attributes.
> I guess that was just an idea but there aren't any concrete plans for
> that feature.
>> I added it all to our 2006/05/18 copy, but can't generate a patch  
>> just
>> yet since CVS appears down.
> We've changed to SVN: http://trac.roundcube.net/trac.cgi/wiki/Dev_SVN
>> Is this something that would be considered for inclusion?
> I guess it's a lot of work to create a third version of each icon for
> such a minor effect. Not sure what others think about it...
>> Thanks!
>> Rich
> Regards,
> Thomas

I'll try making a patch for it so folks can see it.


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