"Your session is invalid..." Fix (?)

Anis Boubaker ovh at cibaxion.com
Wed May 31 18:11:15 CEST 2006

richs at whidbey.net wrote:
> I didn't see it listed in the trac Tickets, but I wanted to see if
> this was a bug.
> Login into Roundcube, and then leave by visiting another site, closing
> the window, etc.  Now return to the main Roundcube index (e.g.
> www.domain.com/webmail).  You'll see "Your session is invalid", even
> though your session is only seconds/minutes old, and you'll need to
> re-login.
As far as I know, re-opening a new window creates a new session...
What's probably happening (please correct me if i'm wrong) is that your
remote IP is matched with a session ID. Whan you close you windows and
re-open a new one, you get a new session ID which and the saved remote
IP does not match with this new session ID ==> "Your session is invalid"

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