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Thu Nov 9 16:42:51 CET 2006

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Pim Vullers wrote:
> Chris Richardson wrote:
>> Hi guys i have been noticing a big issue with my install here i am using
>> the current trunk. when one of my users get an attachment espicaly
>> something like a pdf and they try to open it it causes a new window to
>> load of there inbox. it they open in a new window the knows there is a
>> known attachment but when it goes to open it says that the path can not
>> be found. it does work if you right click and do save as.  this is all
>> through IE 6 and up. any help would be appreciated
>> -Chris
> I've got the same trouble although 'Open Link in New Tab' and 'Open Link
> in New Window' open the PDF (the kind of file I tried it with) with the
> Acrobat Reader browser plug-in. 'Save Link As' works although I need to
> modify the filename as it originally becomes filename.pdf.htm.
> This behavior occurs within Firefox 2.0

To be some more specific: Firefox 2.0 running on Linux . This behavior
also occurred within Opera 9.02 also running on Linux although the 'Save
Target As' action worked as expected so that this seems to be a Firefox
/ RC & Firefox problem.

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