LDAP authentication

Drazen Baic dpeter at postira.info
Tue Nov 14 22:27:47 CET 2006

Hello Pierre,

it think it would be very useful to have more LDAP aspects implemented.

I few months ago I sent a patch to this list for a more general ldap  
on email addresses but no one replied to it:

The original LDAP search doesn't work for me, as users in my directory
mostly have more than one email address, so the search results looked
strange. This patch doesn't change the default search behavior.

So maybe it would make sense to integrate it in your patch and extend
the search function generally to more LDAP attributes like birthday,
telephone numbers etc. Most LDAP implementations provide these
attributes so why not use them.

Right now the ldap search isn't working anyway in SVN as there seems
to be a major rewrite going on:

Hopefully there is some interest in more LDAP functionality.

Drazen Baic

> Hello,
> since my patch about the LDAP JpegPhoto support, someone contacted me
> off-list, because he needed LDAP authentication.
> It seems that it was hardly implemented into the file  
> "rcube_ldap.inc",
> but the member function bind() is never called. So I merged the member
> functions connect() and bind(). Here is my diff between svn ver. 367
> and my working copy :
> http://pedrov.kwain.net/~pedrov/rcube/rcube_367_wkcpy.diff
> I'm interested in developing some LDAP aspects in roundcube, but did
> not get any feedback, so if you think it is useful (or useless,
> or whatever), let me know ;-)
> See you,
> -- 
> Pierre Mauduit

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