Patch for Fixes #1483977 and #1483886

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Wed Nov 22 13:09:41 CET 2006

Alexander Griesser wrote:
> Hi folks!

Hi Alex
> I'm new to roundcubemail (just using it since yesterday) and today I
> found out, that passwords that contain german umlauts don't get
> authenticated correctly.
> After having a look at the sourcecode I found the file that contained
> the bug and it is located in (iil_C_Login). Attached to this
> mail is a patch that fixes this issue, as well as the bugs #1483977 and
> #1483886.

I recently committed some changes that are similar to the patch you
submitted to the list. Password input is now decoded to ISO-8859-1 using
get_input_value(), which is more generic than utf8_decode, and there are
some changes to correctly escape the given password for the IMAP login.
> I know, that the imap library was taken from ilohamail and therefore I
> also informed the ilohamail mailing list about this issue and asked them
> to apply this patch too.

Not sure if they will because decoding is only necessary if the login
form was utf-8 and the browser submitted the form data in utf-8
encoding. IMO it's up to the app that invokes iil_C_Login to decode the
password correctly.
> The patch can also be downloaded here:
Please check out the latest revision and test it with your local


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