Delete open email button in svn 380

Pim Vullers pim at
Wed Nov 22 14:31:42 CET 2006

Robin Elfrink wrote:
> But then again, latest SVN is _not_ a released version.
> Robin

Reaction 1:
I fully agree with that. But in my opinion trunk should still have 
correct existing functionality, and as I said before it's alright that 
new things don't work as long as old functionality doesn't get broken.

Reaction 2:
Indeed it isn't, however it also isn't a working copy.. that should be 
the checkout on your system.

Reaction 3:
For other developers it would be nice if things don't get broken every time.

Sorry for this strange way of reacting but I couldn't get Right in just 
one way. (Perhaps because English isn't my native language. Or just 
because I want to say to much :).)
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