Vassilis Stathopoulos vstath at irismedia.gr
Tue Nov 28 11:02:17 CET 2006


There is no country named Macedonia, the United Nations name of this
country is FYROM.

It would be best if a developer corrected this mistake in the next SVN
build. Additionally, there is no Macedonian language.

Since it would not be wise to enter a political discussion on this list,
I would request everyone to respect the international organizations.
This kind request is pointed especially to those whom their
constitutional name is different to the U.N. name (although they have
every right to name themselves as they wish inside their own country).

No flame intended, just pointing out a mistake in order to avoid

Kind regards,
Vassilis Stathopoulos
Athens, Greece

Kiril Dimeski wrote:
> Hello,
> First > Sorry about my language, maybe I will make some mistakes in my
> e-mail.
> I'm web developer and I've heard about your webmail project, I've seen the
> screens and I've loved in it.
> But the main problem is, in your localisation packs there isn't Macedonian.
> I like to help you and change the language in Macedonian.
> Can you help me? Just send me the name of the software, with I can change
> the language.
> Thanks
> -----------------------------------
> Kiril Dimeski
> Prilep
> ------------------------------------

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